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The Importance of Retainers

March 25th 2019
Congratulations! You are near the end of your smile journey and your braces are about to be off! Nothing like that feeling. Even long after our braces are off, teeth shift and it is natural as we grow older. There is one thing you can do to ensure your smile remains the best it can be and that is wearing retainers.No matter your situation, it’s almost a guarantee you will be wearing some form of a retainer after having your braces are removed. It might be removable retainer, which is removed...  [Read full blog post]

3 Foods that Help Your Smile Shine

March 20th 2019
March is National Nutrition Month and this month we are sharing 3 foods that help your smile shine by keeping your teeth healthy and white. Nutrition plays a key role in the health of your smile, and often an easy adjustment to make that can have positive effects.1. Dairy: Dairy can have health benefits for your teeth. Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy foods most often.2. Fruits and Vegetables:It's not secret these foods can keep you healthy overall, but fruits and vegetables can aid you in...  [Read full blog post]

2 Habits for a Brighter Smile in 2019

February 20th 2019
We are still very well into a new year and love all the growth and changes we are seeing into our patients smiles! We love the new year, because it is an opportunity for growth and positive change. At Hinesly Orthodontics, we want to ensure you incorporate healthy habits and take care of your oral health. Here are 2 habits you should implement to ensure you’re smiling brighter this year.#1) Switch Toothbrush: Switching your toothbrush is a big step, most people disregard. Replacing your...  [Read full blog post]

Invisalign - Over and Under Bite

February 8th 2019
Did you know Dr. Hinesly is an Invisalign Platinum Provider? This is perfect for anyone who is searching to improve their smile in the Ann Arbor and Tecumseh communities. Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, giving you a beautiful smile. Using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you, Invisalign, aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently...  [Read full blog post]

New Technology at Hinesly Orthodontics

January 14th 2019
Happy New Year!We hope everyone had a fantastic new year with their loved ones, friends and family. We are beginning the new year at Hinesly Orthodontics with a few updates in our offices in both Ann Arbor and Tecumseh locations. Our philosophy at Hinesly Orthodontics is combining art, science and expertise to provide the highest level of orthodontic care possible. We value your trust and confidence and will work to exceed your expectations.Check out our new 3D printers.

Best of Elf on the Shelf

January 2nd 2019
It has been another fantastic holiday season here at Hinesly Orthodontics. We hope our Ann Arbor and Tecumseh communities had a wonderful holiday season with their families, friends and loved ones. Here are a few more of our final Elf on the Shelf contest entries.

Thank You for a Great 2018

December 27th 2018
At Hinesly Orthodontics, we are committed to delivering the most beautiful smiles and we are confident that you will receive orthodontic care that will truly make a difference in your life. Our mission is to provide you with orthodontic services of unmatched excellence, warmth and sincerity and to treat all of our patients as lifetime friends.We have seen countless smiles this year through both of our offices in Ann Arbor and Tecumseh and look forward to a new year of new smiles transformed

Best of Elf on the Shelf

December 20th 2018
Who else is enjoying all these Elf on the Shelf photos as much as we are? At Hinesly Orthodontics, we are so thankful this holiday season. Our offices in Ann Arbor and Tecumseh have been loving all the photos from. Be sure to send us your photos by tagging us on Facebook or on Twitter. We will pick one winner each week to win 2 tickets to Emagine Saline.🎁 Perfect for a night out.

Elf on the Shelf Contest

November 28th 2018
At Hinesly Orthodontics, we are gearing up for the Holiday season. Our elf is out and about, roaming our office, during the Holidays.  🎄 We want to see your elf. Send us your photos by tagging us on Facebook or on Twitter. We will pick one winner each week to win 2 tickets to Emagine Saline.🎁 Perfect for a night out.

2 Unique Benefits of Invisalign

November 26th 2018
At Hinesly Orthodontics, we are committed to delivering the most beautiful smiles and we are confident that you will receive orthodontic care that will truly make a difference in your life.Invisalign treatment is a technique that straightens your teeth without braces, using a series of clear, removable aligners that are custom-modeled to fit your teeth. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile of which you will be proud of to show off. Here are two...  [Read full blog post]

Top 2 Candies to Avoid this Halloween

October 26th 2018
Halloween is here! Halloween is the perfect opportunity to talk to your child and remind them about the importance of sticking to their health routine. This includes brushing your teeth, flossing, wearing your retainers, using mouthwash and other health tips. If you recently received orthodontic treatment such as braces or in the middle of your treatment, we recommend you avoid these sweet treats.1. Sticky Gummy Candies: Sticky, gummy type candies are the worst type of candy for your...  [Read full blog post]

Halloween Treats for Healthy Teeth

October 17th 2018
Happy Halloween! October is also National Orthodontic Health Month. We believe that Halloween is the perfect opportunity for a reminder in sticking to health routines, after consuming all the free sugar. If you just received braces or looking for something different to try this Halloween, here are 2 incredibly delicious alternative to sweet treats and hard candy that can harm your teeth if you have braces.Graveyard Shakes: What You Need:1 ¼ cup milk  1 tablespoon chocolate...  [Read full blog post]

Is it True? 4 Orthodontic Myths

September 26th 2018
We’ve heard it all. All the “rumors” and “is-it-true” about orthodontic treatment, braces and everything in between. There are a lot of myths about orthodontics and getting braces, some of which have been told so many times, by so many different people, they are now believed to be the truth.Here are 4 myths about orthodontic treatment and the TRUTH.Myth: Only kids need to see an orthodontist?Truth: Everyone, no matter the age can benefit from a healthy straight smile. Every patient is...  [Read full blog post]

Invisalign for Adults

September 13th 2018
At Hinesly Orthodontics, we are committed to delivering the most beautiful smiles and we are confident that you will receive orthodontic care that will truly make a difference in your life.When adults think of orthodontic treatment, they may think of braces and teenagers, however orthodontic treatment today is so much more different. At Hinesly Orthodontics, we combines art, science and the latest technology and expertise to provide the highest level of orthodontic care possible.As adults, you...  [Read full blog post]

Health Tips for Your Family

August 28th 2018
We recognize that every patient has different needs, and we pride ourselves in the courteous service we deliver to each person who walks through our doors. Whether you're an adult, adolescent or child, our knowledgeable doctors and staff are committed to helping you achieve the smile you deserve - a healthy, beautiful one!We see family of all types and love to see the initiative to keep your family’s teeth healthy. Here are a few tips to ensure your family is in tip top shape before their...  [Read full blog post]

Back to School: Hinesly Orthodontics

August 15th 2018
Summer is fading away and the fall season is quickly approaching. Kids have returned back to school and the normal routines have begun. As summer comes to an end and fall season returns, it can be a busy time for parents and their children. New activities and new routines, it’s easy to forget simple check-ups to the orthodontist.Why is it important for a check-up during back-to-school season? This is the time to schedule an appointment to measure the progress of your child’s orthodontic...  [Read full blog post]

July Podcast Recap: Invisalign or Braces?

July 23rd 2018
“Everyday I am asked by patients and parents, which one is better, Invisalign or braces? Which one should they choose? My answer is always the same. Invisalign and braces are methods to introduce light continuous forces on the teeth, causing them to move into an ideal position.”It’s easy to think Invisalign is better because the aligners are less noticeable. However with both, there is a level of commitment. At Hinesly Orthodontics, both Invisalign and braces cost the same price.The...  [Read full blog post]

June Podcast Recap: The Next Health Problem of the Decade?

June 28th 2018
This month, our monthly podcast is about a new worrisome trend in health, “Juuling.” What is Juuling and what is the big issue?“This could be the next health problem of the decade” - Dr. HineslyThe Juul is a smoking device that looks like a flashdrive. It was first developed by Stanford University students to help curb cigarette smoking in adults. “In reality it is attracting teenagers who have never smoked in huge numbers, no device is as worrisome as the Juul because of both its...  [Read full blog post]

May Podcast Recap: Thumb-sucking

May 16th 2018
This month, our monthly podcast is about thumb sucking. One of the most common questions we receive from worried parents is “how can we get our child to stop sucking their thumb?” Thumb sucking can be a source of comfort and stress for children, especially children younger than 5 years old. Thumb, finger sucking or using a pacifier, teaches kids to self sooth, which is a developmental coping mechanism. Too long of this habit, can impact the development of jaws and the palette. More than...  [Read full blog post]

Summer BBQ and Braces - Hinesly Orthodontics

May 16th 2018
Summer just around the corner! Here at Hinesly Orthodontics, one of our favorite things about summer is a good BBQ with family and friends! Summer is of course, the defining moment for kids. Everyone is out of school and ready to relax. With relaxation and an abnormal routine, it is easy for kids (or anyone really) with braces to forget two important food categories they’re supposed to avoid: hard foods and sticky foods! Here are some great and not so great classic summer foods that are...  [Read full blog post]

Get Movin'

April 17th 2018
Photo provided by acceledent.comDid you know that there is a faster way to get the smile you have always wanted? It's true...you can actually speed up your treatment time by 38 to 50%! You're not going to believe it when we tell you, but there is new technology designed to decrease the time you are in braces or Invisalign by increasing the rate of your tooth movement...and all you have to do is wear a mouthpiece for 20 minutes a day! This new technology is called AcceleDent and...  [Read full blog post]

You Can't See My Braces

April 3rd 2018
Photo provided by invisalign.comIf you're like most adults, you probably had braces when you were in High School. But as you have aged, your teeth have started to shift and your smile may not be as perfect as it once was. Maybe you look at yourself in the mirror and think...not the best smile, but I don't want to go through braces again. Well guess what? You can get that perfect smile back in just a few months and no one will know your wearing braces. It's true...if you're an adult and...  [Read full blog post]

More Than Just a Beautiful Smile

March 23rd 2018
Dr. Hinesly and all the Hinesly Orthodontics team want to remind you that orthodontic health is much more than straight teeth. When Dr. Hinesly creates beautiful smiles for our patients, he places all the elements of the face into their perfect alignment for a healthy as well as beautiful smile. Orthodontic treatment at Hinesly Orthodontics also provides many additional health benefits. Here are just a few you might not realize:Prevent TMJ:TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorders occur...  [Read full blog post]

I Just Got Braces....Now What?

March 8th 2018
Hinesly OrthodonticsAt Hinesly Orthodontics we believe you have taken the first step toward a healthier and more beautiful smile but you are probably wondering what comes next. The first week is the biggest period of adjustment, and there is a lot to learn in this short time. What to eat?  How to brush?  No worries, in a very short time your braces will feel completely natural. On the first day, your braces will probably feel sort of like a mouthful and...  [Read full blog post]

The Rules of Retainers

February 21st 2018
Hinesly OrthodnoticsRetainers are custom-made for each patient and are advised to wear after treatment in order to keep the teeth from shifting. Retainers fit the top of the teeth and mouth. Though some retainers may look similar, no retainers are alike because they are made to fit individual needs. Here are a few things you need to remember when receiving your retainer from Dr. Hinesly:You are instructed to wear your retainer for a year full time, which means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....  [Read full blog post]