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Eric Peacock D.D.S.    

Thank you so much for the excellent care you have provided for Benjamin. The experience has inspired even more confidence for me in your office as I refer my patients for orthodontic care. Your dedication and attention to detail are outstanding.

Michelle Schankin    

We are absolutely 100% happy with our experience. We love you all!! Thank you for making this such a great experience.

JT Hughes    

I have never been in an office where it is such an open atmosphere. My son and I feel at home when are there. When we came in just to get an opinion on treatment, as soon as we left my son said this is where I want to go. Thank you.

Kayla Moinik    

Always very nice. We always are able to get in and out with no waiting. Also I like when someone comes out to let me know what procedure was completed.

Lennie Jo Hardy    

Dr. Hinesly and staff are very nice, and they treat Kailah and us great. Dr. Hinesly explains each step to Kailah as well as us, which shows he cares about his patients.

Dana Fauser    

All the staff, including Dr. Hinesly, are very respectful and nice. I have recommended this practice to a lot of people already.

Patsy Scales    

Everyone is nice and helpful. We feel like we are getting superb treatment and the best orthodontist.

Lisa Hart    

Everyone strives to make the whole experience so positive. The atmosphere is always upbeat, the openness of the space and the natural lighting contribute to that positive experience as well. Plus, I really appreciate that you treat young people by including them in the discussions and working with them directly in such a friendly way. You are to be commended for instilling and maintaining such a wonderful culture in your business. Thank you.

Sydney B.    

Wonderful experience, great staff. My teeth look great!

Olivia Wiese    

I really like my result. The staff is great. They were able to get my teeth beautifully straight in eighteenth months.

Madelyn Pugh    

My experience has been great!The staff was super nice and did a great job!They even let me have rainbow colors when I first got my braces on!I really like having Dr.Hinesly and his staff being my orthodontists!My teeth look great!

Ashleigh gray    

I love my teeth!

Josie Witt    

Thank you so much for giving me this smile, I love it! You are all so kind and helpful and made this a good experience

Zechariah Johnston     

Love my teeth. Staff was great!

Beth Irwin    

Couldn't have a better orthodontist than Dr. Hinesly. The staff is great. All of them were so nice to me. I would recommend everyone to come here.

Danielle Shoemaker    

Thank you for all the hard work you've done on my teeth! They look great and turned out looking nice. Having braces was pretty easy and it didn't hurt very much. Thanks again!

Crystal Newland    

I am really grateful of the whole staff at Hinesly Orthodontics. They are all such sweet and wonderful people, and they did such a great job. I am thankful to have had their services. :)

Tanisha Ellis     

I had a great time working with Dr.H him & his staff are very nice,caring, & overall life changing for making many people more confident with their smiles!:)

Jazmine eisenhauer    

I loved my experience here, everybody was so nice..even the braces

Hunter Beyer    

I had a great experience and I love my teeth

Melissa currier    

Dr.Hinesly and his amazing crew changed my life forever :) From braces to jaw surgery, they were there every step of my 12 year journey. I truly am grateful for all the support and understanding of what I needed to make it through:) Thanks to all of you!! Xoxo

Evan Cadmus    

Awesome very nice people that take care of you and want to see you with a new smile

Shelby Day    

I was so happy to get my braces off, my teeth look great!

Alex Sharp    

An awesome team of workers, they all work together to make your dream smile and teeth possible. Recommend them to everyone!


Don't have any experience with other orthodontists, but the experience here was very nice. Every Appointment was smooth and organized, and everyone was kind and friendly. Thank you Hinesly Orthodontic!!

Josh papworth    

I loved the way everyone helped me with my braces they are a great team of workers who like making people smile!

Lauren Chapman    

I really loved this experience! Dr. Hinesly is such an amazing orthodontist. Very down to earth person, and just a great guy in general. Very welcoming staff and assistants. I really recommend Dr. Hinesly! Thank you for my straight pearly whites!

Sami Thompson    

My teeth look great!

Elizabeth Arteaga    

I really enjoyd coming in for my check ups. The staff is really nice and friendly. Dr Hinesly is very nice also just a great person to talk to. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks you for this beautiful smile you helped me achieve :)

Madison baughey    

I honestly love this orthodontist office so much. Not only are the excellent at working on teeth but the workers are soooooo nice. Thank you so much for the braces!

Mikayla Carter    

This was a great experience. Whenever I came for a check up I always felt welcomed in the office. I loved how all the works take the time and talk to you. Thank you for my smile!!!!!!!!!!

Noah Kittle    

These people here are really nice and all know what they are doing. They do very good work and now my teeth look amazing.

Jacob Black    

The experience at Doctor Hineslly Orthodontics was amazing! The staff was very very great I love every time I was here it was a great time being here!

Andrew mills    

My teeth look really really good! You guys have done really well. Thank you!

Jazmin Smith    

They're all really nice here! I'm really happy that I decided to come here! Plus, they do a really good job!


I really loved having dr. Hinesly. I wouldn't of wanted to have the experience of having braces with anyone else. Everyone was so nice and caring, every time I came here I felt right at home. I really am happy with everything they did for me.

Jared proudfoot    

Everyone here was amazingly nice. Glad I got to meet so many nice people.

Sean B-C    

Every time I came in to the office I was always greeted with a smiling face and excellent service. The faculty creates a very warm environment, but more than the atmosphere is the fantastic treatment I received! My teeth are better than I could have wanted, and that says a lot coming from the son of a dentist.

Linda Perez    

I have absolutely no concerns. Never imagined I would be happy with everything. The office , the staff and my daughter's progress

Alex Bechler    

These workers are amazing! My teeth used to look awful. I didn't even want to smile. But I can't stop myself from smiling! Thank you. Thank you all!

Christy Sackett    

I couldn't be happier! I would recommend Orthodontics to anyone! Great team for sure. Dr.Hinsley is a perfectionist and will ensure the best results for all his patients. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Ryan Langton    

Very nice, and they do a great job. Couldn't imagine having my braces done somewhere else!

Charles Bowers    

They left me with good service and a warm welcome whenever I came in. I would definitely recommend them for others.

Tristan Burkhard    

Everyone who works here is very nice and cares about their customers. It was a great atmosphere every time I was in the office and I'm extremely happy I came to Dr. Hinesly for my braces.

Elizabeth Cabrera    

Awesome staff and doctor loved going in and thank you for changing my smile!

Annaka Oudekerk    

I'm so happy with how my teeth look now. I wouldnt have wanted to go anywhere else. The staff is so friendly and welcoming.

Lexie Brochhagen    

I love this place! Everyone here has been very kind and friendly. I'm so happy with my new smile, I would highly recommend :)

Grace w.    

Love my new teeth!!!! I can't stop smiling. Highly recommend!

Brittany Evers    

I loved everything about Hinsley Orthodontics.They did a great job my teeth! They were all so friendly and gentle (didn't hurt me). I recommend them!

Morgan C    

My teeth turned out better than I expected it would be. Thank you for doing everything you guys have done.

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